A program made by glueing various parts together. Powered by a bash script, bundled by Platypus and using dialogs from CocoaDialog.

It produces SVG output from PNG images.

Download it here (500 KB, zipped)


Don't doubleclick

“Intuitively” you don't doubleclick the program to use it, but drag your PNG image onto the icon. Next you are asked wether you would like to generate an outline (Umrandung) or full image (Gesamtes Bild):

Outline Or Full Image

If you choose Gesamtes Bild (full image) you will see a prompt offering to use a default text or let you paste your own.

Enter Text To Fill The Image With

If you choose Umrandung (outline) you will see this prompt, respectively:

Enter Text To Use As Outline

Click Auf geht's! (Let's go!) and a SVG file will be created next to your original image. Abbrechen means Cancel, btw.

You can use Safari to look at the files or Inkscape to convert them to another format.